So, to continue our thoughts about ringing in summertime, it has been my experience that when children are small (or not so much anymore) it is easy for them to become bored relatively quickly when they are not able to do what their little hearts want…or when they simply have no idea what to do, because there are so many choices since their not confined to the classroom!

Here is a cute little idea I stumbled across while on Pinterest…well, I thought it was more than cute…I thought it was BRILLIANT! In fact, I like it so much, that I am considering creating one for myself. Not for those days that I am bored, as I don’t have time to get bored…rather, for those times when there are so many things to do that I am having a hard time focusing. I can fill the jar with the items that I know must be done that day and pick one! But for those of us who have children, we can also use it to create ideas that will bust the boredom. Be creative, be fun, even the oldest kids still love being “kids” if we can light on things that represent their interests.

So, here it is…why don’t you check out this young lady’s site, as it is chalked full of other great ideas. Happy organizing!