Category: Gardening

Today, I am off in a million different directions, but my heart is still in the garden! My mind is flooded with visuals, ideas and longings to build, paint and plant.

To this end, I popped across this lovely little site called “Design Seeds”. I believe that Jessica must be the Einstein of color matching. The way her mind works is nothing less than artistically miraculous. I have not experienced her approach before; the way she designs her color swatches is amazing, not to mention inspiring.

As I was browsing her swatches I was imagining different scenarios in my garden scenery, but, quite literally, her swatches could be applied to anything

Organizationally speaking, she does the color swatching for you, and it would be a snap to add to your own home design idea notebook, garden  notebook, art project list, etc. Truly the possibilities are endless.

Here is a sample of her work…but check out her website…I am convinced your mind will fly as mine has. 

Happy Organizing and dreaming…



One of my favorite places to be is in my garden. And, with Spring coming to an end and Summer time making its way to this Central California hamlet, it is time for be to do some maintenance in my garage, which is where I store all of my garden tools. 

I was perusing Pinterest, again, this morning and found some really creative ways to store larger garden tools, as well as some of the smaller ones. At the moment, I have a stand that holds all of my long handled tools, but I really, really liked the cleaner, more effective way this Pinterest user stores hers…So, I will be implementing her idea very, very soon. This method does not only provide a cleaner “finish” for your storage area, you won’t have to wrestle with those long handled tools as much, which is an irritating problem I face with my current system. 

So, here we are…I hope this idea will make your time in your garden even more special and sweet and that you will create a beautiful refuge to spend summer and maybe, even into Autumn!