Here at Organizing Everest, we take the stance that we all face daily challenges in life, but we can overcome them. We can experience victory…but how?  It all starts within the walls of the heart. My elder son put it this way, “We all have mountains which stand before us. We may not have the power to physically destroy the mountain or to move through the mountain, but we can learn to move around it.” I LOVED THAT! It really put into words what my work is all about. Learning to move around the mountains that stand in our way, not allowing them to hinder us from being effective in any given area of life. To that end, life is challenging, but these challenges do not have to steal our effectiveness, joy and peace. We can choose to learn and choose to grow. How will you handle the challenges? Will you be stopped in your tracks by the mountains or will you learn to move around them? Join us and organize your Everests.