My little girl, our younger daughter, has decided to take a step out into the culinary world following her older sister. She decided it was time to begin at home. Her mission? To make fresh homemade pancakes and jam. While that might not be a monumental task for foodies around the world, she faced some challenges. Namely, she has never made jam before and, with her pancakes, she did not have baking powder or the buttermilk the recipe called for. To watch her amazed me. Instead of giving up and backing away from the challenge, she faced it squarely and began to evaluate the resources she had before and the knowledge she had from watching her sister and I in the kitchen.

We had heavy whipping cream to which I suggested she add water to thin it. She began analyzing calmly…”I could add vinegar to that mixture which would add the sourness of buttermilk.” She could. She didn’t understand how the acid would react with the dairy but she had seen me do it often enough, she had pulled from her experiences of watching. She continued on.

“Mom, can we make substitutions for baking powder?” I assured her there were ways to recreate the chemical responses of baking powder with what was available in our kitchen. She grabbed her phone and began to Google. Within minutes she was listing the ways she could overcome the challenge. She looked up at me, eyes wide with excitement.

“A tablespoon of cream of tartar and two tablespoons of baking soda, then use the amount the recipe calls for.” “That’s right”, I said. She proceeded with making the recipe and made wonderfully delicious pancakes. She went on to make equally delicious jam to top them with.

In the end, I look back and admire the way she handled it. Very organized, tenacious, unwilling to be deterred by a few obstacles… she organized her knowledge, thoughts, and resources, she overcame her Everest. That’s my girl…